Egg and Spoon – listen to Gregory Maguire talk to Here and Now

1408330451950Egg & Spoon is the newest fantasy novel by Gregory Maguire, author of the bestselling-novel-turned-theatrical-smash-hit Wicked.

Set in Tsarist Russia just before the revolution, the story follows two girls, one a poor peasant and the other from a rich noble family. The girls lives collide and the girls accidentally switch places and a magical adventure that involves an ice dragon, a monk locked in a tower, a prince traveling incognito and the notorious Baba Yaga.

Gregory Maguire recently did an interview in the Here and Now studios about Egg & Spoon.

“The book is about global warming, it’s about climate change and it’s about the destruction of crops and ability of a nation to feed its poor. This is something that I think we are going to be thinking about for a long time to come so rather than hector or lecture kids I tried to tell a funny story that would not answer a single question, but might perhaps pose a few questions.”


via Here and Now.
Egg & Spoon is in stores this December.


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