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One should know as little as possible about a Patrick Ness book before reading it.

mttlegitSuffice to say, in the opening chapter Ness makes the bold decision to both introduce AND kill Seth, our protagonist. In the following chapter Seth wakes up in what appears to be his childhood bedroom in a small English town that he and his family left long ago. The village is empty and he is alone, not sure if he is alive or dead. To explain any more would be heading into spoiler territory, so I’ll just quickly mention coffins, painful flashbacks, ANGST, a wild boar, and a relentless guy in a motorcycle helmet.

If your bestie already knows who Patrick Ness is then they have probably already read this book. You may stop reading this post and go and do something with your life. BUT if your bestie has not yet experienced a Patrick Ness book – throw a copy at them right now and tell them in the words of John Green “just read it.”

You will then lose your bestie for a couple of days while they are locked away in a room devouring More Than This, which will give you time to prepare the boxes of tissues, cups of tea and supportive hugs you will need to give them as they re-enter the world, having being ripped apart and slapped back together by the masterful words of HRH Patrick Ness.

Before reading More Than This.




As if you need any more convincing, as an added bonus the title of the book lends itself to some delightful miscommunications:

Person 1: You should totally read this awesome book by Patrick Ness
Person 2: Oh yeah? What’s it called?
Person 1: More than This
Person 2: More than what?
Person 1: No that’s the name of the book
Person 2: What is?
Person 1: More than this
Person 2: More than what..!?

Trust me, it’ll be hilarious and you’ll have the best Christmas ever.

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