Spark, Rachael Craw – Best Books for your Bestie

We need to talk about Spark by Rachael Craw. Have you heard about it? Awesome title. Awesome cover. Awesome author. AMAZING STORY!!!

spark_sRGBEvie is a Shield – a result of a decades-old experiment that didn’t end super well. DNA bound to protect her best friend Kitty from an unknown killer, Evie has to navigate her way through the seemingly endless labyrinth of changes and new information being thrown at her from every angle. She totally manages these challenges because she is cool and kind of genetically modified now…

Evie has to protect Kitty from an unknown threat, all she knows is that this person always on the peripheral is dangerous and is desperate to kill Kitty. The destined showdown won’t be pretty, it’s going to be violent, people are probably going to get hurt. Epic.

I said before ‘We need to talk about Spark’. I did. Just up there. But I probably should have said ‘We need to talk about Jamie’. Actually, I want to shout it, caps style. OMG WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT JAMIE. UGHHHHHHH AMAZING. Cool dude, dreamboat, fierce, strong, funny, goregeous, awesome, cool, cool, cool. So awesome. So flawed. So boyfriend material.

This is the amazing thing about books, it doesn’t matter how we all imagine Jamie to look like, the awesome personalities that authors create for their characters give us amazing building blocks to create worlds and people in our minds. THAT is pretty cool, and so all-encompassing and non-discriminatory that it makes fiction the number one place to be.

Which bestie to buy it for:

This book belongs with your adventure loving bestie who loves a good romance thrown in for good measure. A great gift to give – remind your bestie this Christmas that you will always be their Shield if they need you!

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