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Vango is the story of a boy accused of murder who flees the scene by jumping from a rooftop onto a zeppelin. And that’s just the beginning.


Set in the 1930s and beyond, the books follow Vango as he flees across France in the setting of the Nazi party’s rise to power. The books also follow the journeys of Ethel, Scottish heiress and orphan; The Cat, a girl who secretly prowls the rooftops of Paris; Superintendent Auguste Boulard, police detective in charge of capturing Vango; Zefiro, leader of a secret monastery; and many, many more unforgettable characters. As Vango whizzes past, the story will take a moment to dip into the personal lives of those characters in the background who so rarely get their time in the spotlight. It’s these sensitive touches that gives Vango its charm.

There is truly something special to the tone of Vango. It’s magical realism without the magic. It’s a film without the cameras. It’s an emotional adventure that sweeps you away without ever moving you from your couch.

In summary, you can’t say it better than David Almond: “Exciting, unusual, and beautifully written.”

And check out those covers. Dat art.

Which bestie to buy it for:

Vango is for your bestie who loves danger, romance and mystery and isn’t afraid to take a leap.

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